Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

so you can download your information

Hoy cierra Google+, así puedes descargar tu información

Today is the day. Google +, the social network created by Google to try to compete, without much success, with Facebook, closes this Tuesday definitely. It is the culmination of a "spring cleaning" with which the company will eliminate this and other services such as Inbox, Allo or its shortener URL.

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The company has explained on its website that the reason to close Google + for the use of consumers are "the difficulties which means creating and maintaining Google+ so that it meets the expectations of our users. We will focus on our business initiatives and launch new features designed specifically for companies. "

In this sense, the closing of Google + does not affect the cards of Google My Business, because they are two independent products, with different accounts.

The closure of Google + will mean the disappearance of all content, publications, photos and contact circles that we have created and shared on that network. Photos and videos that we have created a backup copy of will not be deleted. Google Photos.

Events created on Google+ will also be deleted from Google Calendar, and will no longer show the birthdays of people who were part of our Google+ circles.

Google also warns that some YouTube features created with Google+ may be affected, such as editing the channel design and channel icon on the mobile or sharing private videos to Google+ circles.

How to download and save our data

However, we are still in time to download and save the data of our Google +. To safeguard these contents, you must enter our profile in this social network, go to the page to download your data and login if it is not. There we will find our available preselected data.

Next we will have to choose the formats which suits us best in each type of data and click on next. Now we will have to choose how we want Google to give us your data and choose a file type and a maximum size. If the data occupy more will be divided into several files with a maximum size as indicated. Finally, we will click on Create fileand that's it.

The process of discharge It may take some time, so it is recommended to start saving the data, even though we have time during the whole month of April. Depending on the format we have chosen, the files will appear on Google or they will arrive via email with a link to download the file that groups them.

Goodbye to other Google services

Google has also removed other services such as Inbox by Gmail, Google+, Allo and its URL shortener.

The first casualty was the Google messaging service Allo, which closed on March 12, and the shortener of URL, which ended its services on March 30. This Tuesday, along with Google +, the company will also eliminate Inbox, the email client with which you could access our gmail address.

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