Thu. Dec 12th, 2019

So you can delete your fingerprint on the Internet

It is not easy to vanish from an Internet that some consider a broken toy. Especially if we have years using the most popular services of the network. But it's not impossible. The main problem to achieve this is not so much to unsubscribe from social networks, the complicated thing is stop appearing in the databases They collect personal information.

These companies work with huge flows of information extracted from numerous websites or services, for example applications, in which we didn't read the fine print when we started using them. Although in some cases it is possible that they have even illegally accessed our data. These companies are responsible among other things that we receive spam in the form of phone calls or by any other means.

There are companies that generate huge databases that collect personal information from various sources

Getting us to disappear from these databases has a price. Or we initiate a laborious process of tracking and we get in touch with these companies to delete personal data. Or we pay for someone to do that job. As is the case with the service Delete Me. It is not cheap, it costs $ 10.75 per month and is specialized in unsubscribing from US databases. Although some of these use data from users around the world. Delete Me also removes much of the data that appears about us on Google.

The use of this service intermittently can be interesting to erase much of our presence on the network. Well, it is not enough to delete the information once. Our data may reappear over time if we continue to interact with the Internet. Delete I periodically request the deletion of our data and send us reports on the actions carried out. [/ embed] data-youtube-vid>

But there are other quite effective and free services designed to eliminate our accounts in various services. One of the best examples is By entering our email from Google or Outlook, the service tracks countless services in which we signed up with our Google or Microsoft account. In the analysis that this journalist has made, he has located 368 services in which it would be possible to unsubscribe. A spectacular figure.

The method to erase our data is tremendously simple: we are reviewing a list of websites where we have our data to delete them. Although there are some cases in which Create a letter to unsubscribe that we can request to be sent from our email.

Among the best free options to unsubscribe from all kinds of services are and Just delete me

Another free and very useful service is Just delete me. It is a search engine that saves us from having to inquire the exact address of the website where we have to unsubscribe from a social network or any other service. They have even created a Chrome browser extension which facilitates the process: it is enough that we are on the web where we want to unsubscribe to take us to the section where we can do it. We have done the test with Facebook and it has been successful quickly.

If what we are looking for is to make a blur and a new account on the Internet it may be convenient to take more drastic measures. Such as changing phone number and email address. Well, these are two important doors to get information about us.

Although this measure seems very drastic, in reality the change can be made without fright. Gradually To change our phone number we can continue using the one we have, even if we are giving new to our contacts little by little. The former can only be used to receive calls for a period of time from a contract rate to a prepaid card rate.

Ideally, use a phone that supports two SIM cards or virtual SIM cards, such as the iPhone. In addition, if we want to keep our WhatsApp account even if we change our phone, we can continue using it with another number. In the tweet we publish along with these lines the process is explained. The same it is possible with Telegram.

Changing phone numbers and emails is very useful to keep them from tracking our data

If we wish to unsubscribe our email address and replace it with another one to make a more restrictive use of it, the previous one can continue consulting it without problem, even linked to another email application. In that case it is important to notify our trusted contacts that we use a new account for professional or personal matters. We can keep the old one to receive commercial emails.

If we do all this it is possible that there are still traces of our network, but the impact of these will be much less. It will also be important after this cleaning operation that our use of the Internet from now on be more cautious. After all, much of our private data circulating on the network came to it before it began to become aware that the control of our privacy was important.

WhatsApp and Telegram allow us to continue using our accounts by changing phone numbers

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