So you can collect two retirement pensions at the same time and earn more than 3,000 euros a month

So you can collect two retirement pensions at the same time and earn more than 3,000 euros a month

More than ten million people in our country receive a Social Security pension, of which, the vast majority of these economic benefits are aimed at retirees, with the aim of being guaranteed a certain level of income when they leave working life. Sometimes the amount of the retirement pension is usually insufficient, causing many of them not to collect even the minimum. Given this scenario, will it be possible to receive two benefits simultaneously?

The General Social Security Law establishes in its article 163 that it is not possible to receive two pensions of this type at the same time, since "they will be incompatible with each other when they coincide in the same beneficiary". However, This regulation includes the following exception: "unless expressly provided otherwise, legally or by regulation". Therefore, in which cases are these pensions compatible?

Those people who have worked in two different Social Security schemes and have generated the right to receive a pension in both, they will be able to access both pensions. The most common case is that of people who have been self-employed at some point in their lives contributing to the Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers (RETA) and who have also worked for others in the General Scheme.

Requirements to collect both pensions

However, in order to collect the pension in each of the regimes, it will be necessary to meet a series of requirements. After reaching retirement age, the worker must be registered in both regimes at the same time; although in the event that it is only in one, it must demonstrate that the minimum contribution period has been reached simultaneously in the other.

Also, it will be necessary to the worker has contributed a minimum of 15 years in each scheme, of which two must take place within the 15 years prior to the request for retirement. In the event that one of the two has not reached the retirement age to be entitled to the pension, the contributions will be unified to the regime that is entitled to receive the aid.

The worker must access retirement from a situation registered or assimilated to Social Security in both schemes. In the event that this does not occur, article 195.5 of the regulations establishes that "It will be necessary for the contributions accredited in each of them to overlap for at least fifteen years".

Amount of the two retirement pensions

In the event that a person is entitled to two retirement pensions, he must calculate the amount of each of them separately and then add them, to know the amount that you will receive month by month from this benefit.

However, there is a ceiling, since both pensions may not exceed in any case the maximum amount of pensions, which in 2023 is 42,829 euros per year, that is, 3,058.81 euros per month divided into 14 payments.