July 27, 2021

So, which car bought me?

So, which car bought me?

For the moment, the law that the Government intends to enact will not affect you in the purchase of your next car, since the average life of a tourist in Spain, although we have the oldest car park in the EU, is twelve years and medium and there are 22 years left for the supposed entry into force of the rule with which you want to legislate.

– Diesel: Although it has been demonized by Minister Ribera, the reality is that it is the most efficient fuel in large engines and, with the latest Euro6 standard, emits fewer CO2 gases than gasoline and only 0.02% more than NOx gases. In spite of this reality, it has a black future to travel through the center of the cities governed by the populist town councils, although it is essential for consumption and prices for transport. Trucks with gasoline engines would be unthinkable since the increase in costs would affect the prices of transported products.

– Gasoline: They are the most efficient in medium and small engines and their polluting gases are rapidly falling with the new technologies both by the reduction of exhaust gases and by the decrease in consumption. They are a suitable solution for the purchase at this time.

– Hybrids: There are two types: the classic hybrids and the PHEV or plug-in ones. The former regenerate their battery with the combustion engine and the latter are plugged into the network and have an autonomy in electric mode of about 50 km and then work with its internal combustion engine. The advantage, that they have the label that allows them to access the center of the cities.

– Electric: It is the solution most adapted to the new tendencies, but it is necessary to indicate several disadvantages as they can be the autonomy and the time of recharge. In the first case, some more current models can exceed 400 kilometers, but after this route should stop about nine hours at a charging point, unless we find one of the rare fast charging sockets. If you buy one, you must have a garage with a nearby outlet to recharge it almost every day.


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