June 21, 2021

So were the monumental tribute of the Lakers by Kobe Bryant and the tears of LeBron James

It was monumental. The tribute that Los Angeles Lakers, actually the entire NBA and the entire United States, dedicated to Kobe Bryant before the game between the Lakers and the Portland Trail Blazers was moving. Something never seen in the history of American sport. The California franchise dressed with 8 and 24 each of the 19,060 seats of the Staples Center. He placed crowns of flowers with Kobe numbers in the center of the track and the “remembering Kobe”, televised globally, was the best possible tribute to the escort.

Two seats stood out in the stands. One wore shirt number 2 of the Mamba Team and the other on 24 Lakers. They were the places where Kobe and Gianna sat at their last appearance in a game in L.A. The musical tributes starring Usher, Leonard Cohen in the background, and the United States anthem sung by Boyz II Men were exciting. On the Staples marker, images of Kobe appeared in the institute, of the day he was chosen in the draft, of the debut with the number 8, of matches against Jordan, of the math contest, of his debut with the 24, of the first ring, of the second, of the third, of the fourth, of the fifth, embraced Shaquille O’Neal, Magic Johnson, Pau, the day of 81 points, the day of the 60 in his farewell, the first Olympic gold, the second, the day his two t-shirts were hung, as coach of his daughter’s team, as a father … And all this dotted with his statements talking about the effort and hard work.

With the name of those killed in the accident by rigorous alfábetico order, the protagonism returned to the center of the track. There was 24.2 seconds of silence in homage to the dorsals of Kobe and his daughter and the expected moment of the appearance of LeBron James arrived. The Lakers star, like many teammates, could not help the tears. He went out to the center of the track, named the victims and threw down the paper he was carrying. He spoke with the “broken heart” of the “importance of the family, the blood, sweat and tears that Kobe left as a laker for 20 years, to continue his legacy until the end of his career …”. And he hugged his companions after remembering his older brother. It was the culmination of the monumental tribute that the Lakers dedicated to their legend.


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