so was the insult he dedicated to Terelu's daughter

Carmen Borrego harshly attacks her niece Alejandra Rubio

Carmen Borrego harshly attacks her niece Alejandra Rubio

The arrival of Carmen Borrego to Save me it has been much more fruitful than she herself could hope for.

After leaving Live life and to re-sign as a collaborator of the Telecinco evening program, the little sister of the Campos clan has landed in space stomping very hard and without mincing words.

So strengthened has she started her new career that it already seems that she is not afraid to face her own family.

After the bad relationship between the daughters of María Teresa Campos was published, Terelu and CarmenDuring this summer, Borrego has decided to establish himself as a character as powerful as his sister at any cost.

However, it seems that this decision that the sister has made has not been the most appropriate since she has not minded disrespecting her niece, Alejandra Rubio, in front of millions of viewers last Friday when Carmen sat in the Deluxe to talk about Mustache Arrocet and his passage through Secret Story.

During the interview, Carmen Borrego threw very sharp darts against Bigote Arrocet, to whom she dedicated a few harsh words. "PIt seems like a lie how little shame you have. How unfortunate you are. A relationship can end in many ways but the way he did it was very cruel, "said the collaborator.

What nobody expected was that the next cut would be taken by his niece and daughter of Terelu Campos.

"She is more unhinged than me"

Carmen, who assured that she could no longer bear the impertinences of her niece Alejandra, wanted to settle the controversy by telling what she feels about her niece.

"I want to finalize this, I ask you to say publicly what problem you have with me because you say that I know and I do not know. I am the adult, she is a young girl who It seems that this thing has worked for him, but this is not going to suit me, "Alejandra's aunt began before dropping the bomb.

"I do not have a problem with Alejandra, nor have I ever had it. It is clear that she has it or that she likes to say that she has it ... I want to stop because this is really going to end badly, and I have not the slightest intention. But... Maybe she is more unhinged than I am, "let out Carmen to the surprise of the rest of the classmates.

At that time, the calls began to happen on the set and it was not until Sunday that Terelu, Carmen's sister and Alejandra's mother, broke her silence by assuring that she is "smoking a pipe" and that she does not understand what is happening.


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