October 25, 2020

so was his outrage after the march of Braithwaite

The coach of Leganés has lost his two strikers in just a month and a half

Leganés faces Celta tomorrow in a dramatic game. The locals are penultimate, tied at 19 points with Espanyol, and the Galicians are out of the relegation, but only two points ahead. The match comes just after Lega has lost his second striker in just one month. If En-Nesyri went to Seville in the winter market, now it has been Braithwaite who leaves the club, on the way to Barcelona, ​​by the rule that allows the Barca club to sign for a long injury. “They’ve screwed us, as they say in Mexico. You can’t imagine what it is that we are going last and two players buzz us, well, I ventilate. But today the sun has risen and as long as FIFA lets us play with eleven, fantastic. I am happy with what I have, “said the Mexican coach, mixing the joke with indignation.” Am I going to cry? I congratulate the people who sign in the Leganés. He signed them for 9 million and took 38“He added before trying to use misfortune as motivation for what remains:” I have 26 players, it would be disrespectful to say that we are screwed. We are going to fight like animals, with the example of Getafe and Atleti this week. I will not allow the slightest pretext not to give absolutely everything. Whoever does not understand it will be off the list or on the bench. “


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