July 6, 2020

So was Harden's mate that the referees did not give because "the ball disappeared"

In the NBA there was an unusual situation, rarely or never seen before, in the game between Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs. With more than seven minutes left until the end of the last quarter, James Harden stole a ball and headed for the basket only. He made a mate, but with such force that the ball after entering came out again. The basket was clear. The action is this:

Harden himself tried to follow the play, but then protested with his coach, Mike D’Antoni. But the referees did not want to know anything or wanted to review the action. The explanation they gave was the following, incredible: “James Harden made a mate and the ball disappeared for us and then left the basket. When this happens, it is an interference basket. ” The scandal was mounted. At that time, the Rockets won 102-89 … and ended up losing 133-135. The Houston team made an official protest in which they were asked to give them the match for cattle or, at least, to repeat the outcome of the game, something that has never happened in the 75-year history of the competition. The decision is being made. In principle it seemed that everything was going to stay as it is, with the triumph of the Spurs, but the last rumor is that there could be news.

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