October 26, 2020

so the bad tennis boy cried when talking about the fires in Australia

The controversial tennis player will donate 125 euros for each direct serve he does on the Australian tour. In his first game he achieved 20

300,000 hectares burned and 17 dead, at the moment, is the terrible balance of the fires that devastate Australia, and that continue. The controversial tennis player “aussie” Nick Kyrgios, the bad boy on the circuit, has shown his other face to the events they are having in their country. Accustomed to going out on the front pages for their messes and moving to rivals and line and chair judges, this time he has taken the lead in the solidarity acts against the fire. Before the ATP Cup, he announced that he would donate 125 euros for each direct serve he did both in that tournament and in the rest he played in Australia. In its premiere against Struff (won 6-3 and 7-6) signed 20 services without response, which amounts to 2,500 euros. Later, when speaking to the public, he could not suppress the tears. And he said with a broken voice: “I don’t really care about praise. We have the ability and the speaker to do something. Canberra is my house and we have the most toxic air in the world right now, it’s very sad. It’s hard. .. I’m sorry”.


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