August 4, 2020

So I got kicked out of the WhatsApp group of school parents: "They don't even greet me" – La Provincia

It is warned by children's teachers over and over again:what parents do is almost more dangerous than the pranks that children put together in classrooms. So much so that several teachers associations have already warned against the so controversial Whastsapp groups that talk about almost everything and that children with difficulties or teachers are not left in a very good place. A Twitter user has narrated his experience in one of these WhatsApp groups. Its history has become viral and, according to many, it shows nothing beyond the reality that is lived day by day.

"It all started at the meeting that took place in June to welcome us to the school," the story begins, the protagonist of this story assuring that he already realized that at the school there was a "cuchipandi" of about fifteen people who already they knew each other from kindergarten"and they were becoming the owners of the cotarro".The parents voted delegate who later asked for the phone numbers and created the much-feared WhatsApp group of parents of students.

"There began the nightmare, it turns out that the cleavage put gracietas that only they understood, even they were among them from the chat", says the tweeter emphasizing that at that time it was June and the course "had not even begun." The man in question asked, one day that the saturated group was found, that messages be limited to school affairs.

He got so tired that the protagonist of this curious story even got to talk to his wife through the group. There were discussions even about the tortilla they had to eat for dinner. The group administrator, aware of what was happening, said he would take action. Neither short nor lazy the tweeter replied."What will you take action? I wouldn't do it. Alex doesn't think you can stand the comparison with a black man."And, evidently, he was expelled.

The historyWhatsApp has triumphed so much that the tweeter threatens to continue in the next few days with other stories related to the schoolsuch as the Christmas festival to which his son has already gone. Now, he says, it has been three months since the course began and neither parent speaks to him. There is no life beyond the parent whatsapp group.

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