June 19, 2021

Snow burning in the middle of August

The theatrical season has started in Barcelona with All the flowers, by Bàrbara Mestanza, in the Beckett room. From Mestanza they are known, among others, pieces such as The ugliest woman in the world (2018) and Pocahontas or the true story of a naughty (2019), which were also seen at the Pavón in Madrid, and Richard III And They’ve Never Heard Of Love, at Grec 2019. Your new company, The Mamzelles, a Beckett resident during the 2019-2020 season, was unable to premiere his new show, signed by Laia Alberch, Judit Colomer, Bàrbara Mestanza and Carla Tovias, scheduled for May, in the cycle Memento Mori. Remember us to die and now he’s where he should be.

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