March 5, 2021

'Sneaky Pete': It's not greed or power, it's the fight for life | TV

'Sneaky Pete': It's not greed or power, it's the fight for life | TV

Three years of coexistence with his cellmate allow Marius to adopt Pete's identity, a change forced by the harassment of a mafioso creditor that he cheated long ago. The 20-year estrangement of the real Pete from his family, grandparents and cousins, encourages him to come before them and be accepted as the prodigal grandson. so it begins Sneaky Pete (Amazon Prime Video), an excellent series starring Giovanni Ribisi, one of those actors for whom no one would give a hard for his appearance and yet for some time has shown his great talent.

The series is also the confirmation of another talent, Bryan Cranston, the extraordinary protagonist of Breaking Bad, probably with The Wire, one of the recent masterpieces of television, which in this case is not only one of the characters – the mafioso who persecutes Pete -, but also, is responsible for the series and screenwriter, along with David Shore, architect of House Y The Good Doctor: a lot of intelligence per inch of screen.

The new Pete is a brilliant swindler who lands in a family dedicated to the business of loans for bail payments, an activity that will connect him with all types of criminals. The plot diversifies: on the one hand, the family tension in which it will always be on the verge of being discovered its impersonation; on the other, the mafioso's insistence on recovering his money; the work activity of the family, with a splendid matriarch at the head, Margo Martindale, and, finally, the new scams that must do to survive.

Pete's whole life is a chain of personal and professional lies but throughout the 20 chapters of his two magnificent seasons he evolves towards a reunion of the family considered one of the fine arts of solidarity. Put another way: his scams keep him away from the usual financial and political swindlers. It is not a question of greed or power, it is, as Pío Baroja would say, the struggle for life.


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