April 18, 2021

Snchez launches a plan to help the electric car with "little" impact in the Canary Islands – La Provincia

Snchez launches a plan to help the electric car with "little" impact in the Canary Islands - La Provincia

The central government announced yesterday that it will help with about 5,000 euros who buys an electric car. A saving to which the discount that the manufacturers, the importers or the concessionaires will have to do in the invoice will be added. The "minimum" discount will be one thousand euros, so that the person who acquires atourismelectric that costs 30,000 euros, for example, will only pay 24,000. This is the star measure of the Efficient and Sustainable Mobility Incentives Program (Moves) that the Council of Ministers approved yesterday by means of a royal decree. A plan that the Canarian automobile employers do not see with bad eyes but that will have "little" impact in order to alleviate the main problem of the mobile park of the Archipelago, that is, its extraordinary antiquity.

The Moves program is divided into two lines of action for which the Ministry for Ecological Transition, directed by Teresa Ribera, allocates a total of 60 million euros. Of that amount, 45 million are to promote the purchase of clean vehicles, the installation of charging points, the use of electric bicycles and transport plans to work centers. It is a game that the PP consigned in the budgets of 2018? Which are with which is governing thePSOE? and that had not been spent until now. The remaining 15 million will allow financing "sustainable mobility projects" in World Heritage cities, with which La Laguna could scratch some of the money? and in municipalities with high contamination index of the two archipelagos of the country: Balearic and Canary Islands. These 15 million euros come mostly from a game included in the 2017 budgets – also prepared by the PP? that today was still not used. The aid plan will be coordinated by the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) but will be directly managed by the autonomous communities.

The main measure of the Moves plan, or at least the one that will have the most direct effect on citizens, is the line of aid for the purchase of "alternative" vehicles. The subsidy to the acquisition of electric cars? "electric light vehicles"? It is "around 5,000 euros". In addition, there will be aid of 700 euros for electric motorcycles and 15,000 for trucks and buses "with alternative propulsion".

The president of the Canarian Regional Federation of Import Importers and Dealers of Automobiles (Fredica), Rafael Pombriego, explained that the plan of the Government of Pedro Sanchez is "fine", but pointed out that it will have "little" impact on the Islands. From the start because the money, although it is a considerable sum, "will be exhausted right away".

That is to say, the 45 million are not only destined for aid for the purchase of clean vehicles, but also for the other mentioned objectives. But even when all that money went to the subsidies would give a considerable boost to the penetration of the electric car.

Pombriego also explained, in line with the national employers' association Faconauto, that the main objective should be to modernize the mobile fleet. And for this a more ambitious plan is needed that includes the scrapping of older vehicles. The president of Fredica also insisted on the need to apply the general IGIC rate in the sale of vehicles, which is taxed with increased rates.


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