Snchez and Iglesias close the tax reform after the jamming of their negotiating teams – La Provincia

Once a week. That is what the leaders of PSOE and United Podemos have seen on average,Pedro SanchezYPablo Iglesias, respectively, since in November they publicly signed the already known as the embrace pact, germ -ERC through- ofthe first government coalitionof the Spanish democratic era. These leaders have left behind, out of pure political pragmatism, the collection of outcasts and poisoned darts that pitched mercilessly at each other to harm themselves and, as a side effect as demonstrated by the polls on 10-N, depleting a substantial part of the left electorate.

Now they devote their energies to filing those points of the legislature agreement that their trust teams find it more difficult to place in common territories, such as those concerning pensions, the control of the housing price (the podemists will not have the competition but initiative legislative to advance its objective of curbing the rental bubble), labor measures and, above all,the tax reform that is falling.

And is that the negotiating delegation of socialists and purples, led by the Minister of Finance in functionsMaria Jesus Monteroand the leader of Podemos Pablo Echenique(both have seen each other and been in touch even more than their bosses in these weeks), a crucial axis of the future fiscal model has been stuck:where to set the bar for tax increases, accordingconfirmed to El Periódico Knowledgeable sources of negotiation.

Raise the personal income tax

In the electoral campaign, those of Iglesias have advocated raising the IRPF for income over 60,000 euros, but in the PSOE they have always considered that this claim was excessive. In fact, in the headquarters of Ferraz Street, a reform of these characteristics was parked before the last twogeneral elections. But the need for support forces them to turn.

PSOE and Unidos Podemos already arrived in 2018 to an understanding on this issueWhen they had to prepare a budget project that, finally, failed to get ahead in the Cortes: then it was established that the IRPF would be raised to taxpayers with annual income greater than 130,000 euros and up to four points to those who earned more than 300,000 euros. It was also agreed that for capital income of more than 140,000 euros the increase would be four points and that 1% in the Property Tax would be increased to fortunes of more than 10 million euros.

However, Minister Montero herself made it clear in the last election campaign that the Socialists no longer felt concerned about this commitment of the past. She, now chief negotiator, made the subject of the issue in the debates between candidates. Once the elections were over and the reality that staying in the Government passed through the coalition with the purple people, the controversy over taxes returned to the front line.

Pending fringes

Montero, Echenique and the work teams they lead have tried, without too much success, to find again a proposal inspired by those budgets but adapted to the economic and political reality of today’s Spain. Despite having made progressa complete agreement has not been possible, which has forced Sánchez and Iglesias to sit down to unblock one of the pending fringesin their legislature pact, they specify the sources consulted. Right now there are alreadya rise in consensus taxesand with the blessings of its top leaders on the table of PSOE and United We can.

Minorities ask for details

No one is aware that the points related to the economy – in addition to those that may affect the territorial model and dialogue that are pacified with ERC – of the alliance between socialists and purples are the ones that most concern the good handful of minority groups that, Together with them, they are essential to reach the necessary majority in a two-turn investiture.

Several of these groups have demanded to know the fine print of these agreements.before the Plenary is convened in which Sanchez will opt for re-election, which is whyit is more than foreseeable that there is an act of official presentationif there is margin or that, at a minimum, a document is sent to the aforementioned before the candidate for re-election is put to the vote of the Congress.

It should be noted that the Socialists have also pledged to spread everything they agree with Republican Esquerra before their head goes up to Parliament’s podium, in order toavoid more suspicionsof the inevitable by the opposition but, also and above all, in the ranks of the PSOE. News about it is expected in the next few hours and an investiture before the day of Kings.


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