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Being or not being on social networks is no longer a question that Spanish SMEs can afford. Staying away from this great showcase means having less chance of connecting with potential customers, and therefore having fewer sales opportunities. There are no differences between sectors. Experts agree that all firms must make the leap to an environment that facilitates not only attracting users but also maintaining a good dialogue with customers, something fundamental as a brand image. Of course, what they do not have is to be on all networks, but only in those where potential consumers are most active.

Therefore, the first thing an SME should do, according to the communication manager of Dinahosting, Lucia Gonzalez, it is analyze what your customer is like and which networks he uses the most. Then, it is necessary to analyze the resources and the time available for their management because must be up to date and above all, there should be time to respond to comments and generate conversation. "Networks are bidirectional and have to be understood as such", explains González. Another very common mistake is trying to generate as much content as possible. Less is more works best: be in a few networks, but be active, than be in many and asleep. Therefore, a prior analysis is essential to have a greater impact, especially so as not to fall into the trap of the algorithms that move the networks.

As it explains Marcos Blanco, Professor of Digital Marketing at ESIC, it is better to publish two very good things than to publish seven times a week and also not support it in advertising. «The algorithm punishes content that does not work, so SMEs have to distribute the best possible content», Always bearing in mind that it must be your own. In other words, "being authentic on the social network," continues Blanco.

This expert believes that, in general, SMEs are increasingly active in the networks, but agrees that the problem is that have a presence in more than are necessary. "Many I think they should close and stay with those in which they can add value", because although the use of networks by SMEs is "massive", that does not mean that "they are being used well".

Another very common mistake among these companies, says González, is opening a profile, updating it for a while and reducing the publication rate after a few weeks, forgetting that must have a regular update to generate the expected impact, since they not only function as a sales space but also reinforce the brand image of the business and serve to bring traffic to the website of the page, "favoring its organic positioning".

And is that one of the main advantages that SMEs have when using networks is the reach they can achieve with little investment. That is, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok give a reach and impact that was previously only achieved with television, saving the previous investment expenses that had to be done. «The investment required to appear on television was high, but With networks you can achieve the same impact by paying 20 or 30 euros», Explains the teacher. As he warns, it is not enough for a small and medium business to base its social media strategy on publishing, but rather the advertising part must also be worked on. "If I want to impact and attract new customers, I must inject a small amount of advertising within the social network," he argues.

It all adds up

Thus, another key to making the networks profitable is good customer service. As stated Javier Ortiz, Marketing Director of the QDQ Group, networks are a opportunity to have a conversation with users, «From recommendations that we can give them to being able to listen to them when they have a problem with our products». Everything adds up, so when a client demands a question through a social network, the company, taking into account that it is being talked about as a brand, must give, in González's opinion, immediate answers.

In communicating with customers on social networks, it is also essential to always take into account the values ​​of the brand, whatever the platform on which you work. It is necessary to have good communication and a good message always helps, just as the fact of making a differentiated campaign on a certain channel is a priority. They are pending strategies so that SMEs can finally refine their voice on the networks.

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