Smart companies will be built on technologies, applications and people | Trends

Technology is already a part of daily activities and is improving the way people live and work. The set of these improvements is part of a major transformation: a change that goes beyond the digital to enter an era in which all interactions are marked by technology.

That is why companies need systems without limits, adaptable and essentially human to thrive in a world in constant change. These are some of the conclusions that are derived from the latest Accenture study Future Systems. The report also states that many companies find it difficult to have a framework of applications and talent based on past technologies. At the same time, they are surrounded by an environment, increasingly competitive, consisting of technologies with great computing power, a continuous stream of data and an infinity of new uses of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things technologies ( IoT).

Companies need to evolve towards more agile, resilient and experimental approaches. This requires new ways of thinking, working and innovating, with equipment and talent that can adapt to the rapid evolution of technology. The study recommends that companies stop seeing their applications, infrastructures and employees as independent entities, and consider them as live and interconnected systems.

Companies face the great challenge of the return in value of investment in innovation; to a greater or lesser extent, innovation is already a priority in all organizations and is beginning to be applied in certain areas or processes, sometimes in isolation and with results still limited in terms of value. The great unresolved issue is to ensure that innovation is applied at scale and transversally throughout the organization, with a clear return in measurable value for the business, says Mercedes Oblanca, General Director of Accenture Technology in Spain, Portugal and Israel. Organizations need systems and processes without borders, agilely adaptable and essentially human to innovate at scale. Systems prepared for the future that is already present, formed by a combination of applications, data and infrastructure managed intelligently. A collaborative talent between people and machines supported by a technological ecosystem like never before.


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