August 7, 2020

'Slvame': As their presenters and collaborators have changed

'Slvame'is one of the most watched spaces on Spanish television. The space of the heart, led byJorge Javier Vzquez, it has been on the screen for 10 years. In this decade of walkingTelecincohas fully exploited one of its flagships. Many familiar faces have passed through it and their gatherings have accompanied millions of people throughout Spain in the afternoons ofMediaset.

Looking back, we can check thephysical changeswho have experienced some of their main collaborators, as well as their presenters.

The passage of time has benefited some, accompanied by cosmetic surgery in many cases, and has taken its toll on others.

Jorge Javier Vzquez

Jorge Javier V

The main face of 'Slvame' isJorge Javier Vzquez. Rare is the person in Spain who does not relate the Catalan presenter with thisTelecinco heart program. Jorge Javier has presented 'Slvame' and has done the same with his version 'Deluxe'. The wear of the direct and of so many years of television are noticed in the physical aspect of Jorge Javier. To that is added the stroke that the presenter suffered a few months ago.

Carlota Sliding

Carlota Sliding

TheCarlota Corredera's physical changeIt is one of the most spectacular in the history of 'Slvame'. The journalist underwent a strict weight loss program and put herself in the hands of dietitians and nutritionists to change her eating habits. Thanks to your newdiet,Carlota Sliding lost more than 60 kilos.

Anabel Pantoja

Anabel Pantoja

The defender at all costs before the television cameras of the Pantoja clan is Anabel Pantoja. The niece of the tonadillera is a regular of 'Slvame', where she reviews the most and least around her famous relatives. Anabel Pantoja's television career serves to check the young woman's physical changes. After undergoing astomach reduction, the fight with Anabel's scale is continuous and, in fact, he is facing a strict liveslimming plan before the audience of 'Slvame'.

Terelu Campos

Terelu Campos

The well-known presenter is another of the best-known faces of 'Slvame'. After years of television, Terelu Campos became one of the most active collaborators of the evening program ofTelecinco. His most notable physical changes have come as a result of hisfight against breast cancer. In addition to chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, Terelu has undergone a double mastectoma in recent months.

Beln Esteban


The scalpel is behind the main physical changes experienced by Beln Esteban. Since its beginnings on television, the collaborator has beenaesthetically retouchedOn numerous occasions.


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