Slovakia remembers the journalist killed for investigating corruption

Slovakia will remember today with concentrations in several cities in the country the second anniversary of the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak when investigating the links of organized crime with high spheres of power, for which four people are being tried, including a well-known businessman.

The murder of Kuciak and his girlfriend, Martina Kushinora, unleashed the greatest wave of citizen protests since the fall of the communist dictatorship in 1989, with tens of thousands of Slovaks demanding a transparent and impartial investigation, after suspicions of collusion between Police and criminals.

The Kuciak case triggered the resignation of the then Prime Minister, Robert Fico, and the formation of a new government with the same forces: social democrats and nationalists

Kuciak was investigating the connections of Slovak criminal groups with the Calabrian mafia, and even with senior positions of the Fico Executive.

The trial for the murder of the journalist and his partner began last January, almost two years after the crime, with four defendants.

In addition to the declared material perpetrator of the crime, Miroslav Marcek, three other suspects sit on the bench: the expulsion Tomás Szabó, Marcek’s cousin, also accused of the murder; Alena Zsuzsová, considered intermediary; and businessman Marian Kocner, a controversial businessman whose ties to organized crime denounced Kuciak before he was killed and believed to be the one who commissioned the crime.

Slovakia holds next 29 general elections in which the Smer Social Democratic Party, still led by Fico, appears as a winner in the polls, followed by the conservative OLaNo formation and with the neo-Nazi Popular Party Our Slovakia as a third party.


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