Slight improvement of Mariano de la Viña, which remains stable within gravity | Culture

The banderillero Mariano de la Viña, wounded of extreme gravity last Sunday in Zaragoza, remains stable within gravity, sedated and under mechanical ventilation, picks up the last medical part issued by the Quirón de Zaragoza clinic.

Almost forty-eight hours after Enrique Ponce's junior underwent possibly suffered the most critical bullfight of the whole season, the news collected by this new medical part is more encouraging. So much so, that this morning "sedation has begun to decline, the surgical wounds look good, there is good arterial irrigation and venous return of the lower right limb, and the MIKULICZ drainage has been partially removed. to the retroperitoneum from the gluteal region. "

The prognosis of the veteran silver bullfighter has stopped being "very serious" to be only "serious", another symptom of the good evolution of the patient.

Favorable evolution of Gonzalo Caballero

For his part, the bullfighter Gonzalo Caballero remains 'stable' in the Intensive Care Unit of the San Francisco de Asís hospital in Madrid, 'conscious, without fever, breathing spontaneously and with good evolution of surgical wounds', according to the last medical part issued by this hospital.

It has begun to receive food, which is a good symptom for its recovery, which is expected to be long, so it will remain several more days in the ICU "for surveillance and even consolidation of improvement," adds the medical side.

Gonzalo Caballero was injured when he entered to kill the second bull of the race held last Saturday at Las Ventas on the occasion of National Holiday Day.

Finally, Miguel Ángel Perera has been discharged from the Quirón clinic in Zaragoza, where he has been admitted since last Sunday as a result of the serious bullfight he suffered in the last bull of the Zaragoza Pilar Fair.

Two days after the intervention to which he was subjected, Dr. Val-Carreres has verified that the wound has a very good appearance, no fever has appeared, the drains have worked perfectly and his clinical condition is very satisfactory, which is why decided to discharge it.

The bullfighter was wounded by the sixth bull of the run last Sunday in Zaragoza, from the cattle ranch of Montalvo. The horned one gave him a grenade "at the level of the junction of the lower middle third of the posterior aspect of the left thigh with an entry hole of 7 centimeters and two trajectories: an ascending 20 centimeters that would dissolve fibers of the hamstrings, and another external of four centimeters that is lost in the subcutaneous cellular tissue, with a severe prognosis ".

Perera will travel to his home to continue recovering and be able to reappear during the American season that is about to begin, and where he is hired to fight in Lima, at his fair of the Lord of Miracles, on November 10, in a poster completed by Paco Ureña and the Peruvian Joaquín Galdós.


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