Slender Man: Teen Sleaze | Culture

Slender Man: Teen Sleaze | Culture

The reception in the United States has been disastrous; the criticisms, almost unanimously, terrible; and it is said that during the production phase the script had to be rewritten and, already in the post-production, the final editing altered part of the development and along the way disappeared plots and characters. And yet, the first half hour of Slender man, Youthful horror film directed by French-born French-born Sylvain White, it's great.


Address: Sylvain White.

Interpreters: Julia Goldani Telles, Joey King, Christian Slater, Annalize Basso.

Gender: terror. USA, 2018

Duration: 92 minutes

Only the first half hour? Not only. His spirit of cruelty and his sinister vision of adolescence remain throughout the story as a blow of perverse malignity. Of course, it is not a scare movie to use, the soundtrack is almost avant-garde and the portrait of characters, lugubrious. Will it be for all this, reasons that have more to do with its lack of commerciality than with its intrinsic quality, for what has been rejected? Not only. It is also true that from the middle of the story there are incomprehensible plots, characters that come out without any explanation, and that the outcome is anticlimactic. Apart from the null capacity for the chill of the presence of the creature of terror, a kind of modern version of the man of the bag: a faceless monster, born in Internet forums in 2009, which is played by the Spaniard Javier Botet with his privileged body for this type of cinema.

Slender man presents a sketchy scene for the protagonist girls, in a shitty town, with clearly inferior kids in mind and attitude, and invisible or drunken parents on the couch, with a trail of beer bottles all over the house. A ready universe for daring and fears, for the adolescent contagion of evil, for the parallels with the unfortunately usual kidnappings and contemporary disappearances. And, from the beginning, with credible dialogues and sordid atmosphere.

However, with obvious echoes of the Japanese The Ring and his cursed video, the virtues have not just lasted. After the disappearance of the first of the four girls of the gang, the story is crumbling by reiteration and confusion, despite the good taste of Chomet for formal packaging. And only perversity remains. Enough? Maybe


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