Slam Arena offers a great evening with 18 matches - La Provincia

Slam Arena offers a great evening with 18 matches - La Provincia

The 2018 Slam Arena had its beginning with the official weighing of the participating wrestlers. Each one of the fighters has successfully passed through the official scale, fulfilling the agreed weight for each match. From 18:00 in the afternoon they went through the stage of the external auditorium of the CC Las Terrazas the 18 combats that are disputed today in the Gran Canaria Arena of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Weaknesses and confrontations that marked the anteroom of the evening and raised the adrenaline of the competitors. The face-to-face between telma Juanma Suárez and Brazilian Jorginho Filho was one of the most cheered by the fans who gathered in the main square of the commercial precinct. Máximo Suárez and Serginio Kanters who star in the K1 bout of the night went through the scale marking the agreed weights.

The Slam Arena MMA 2018 belt in the 65,700 kg category captured all the expectation of the act. Daniel Requeijo and the Brazilian Guillherme Cadena took the stage with the firm conviction of their victory and to be crowned champions of the Slam Arena 2018. The second title in dispute in the K1 modality will be the one played by the local Omar Santana and the Portuguese Aires Benros. Both exhibited to the public an enormous preparation and a millimeter precision of their weights.

Thiago Martins and Teto Terranosa, who share Brazilian nationality and seniority, squandered a great sportsmanship in their confrontation, wishing each other luck, a duel that will be celebrated in the modality of MMA and in the agreed weight of 63 kg. The only female duel of the night will be the one offered by the Andalusian champion Cristina Morales and the Gran Canaria Rita Marrero in K1. Marrero received from the stands the affection of fans and family who cheered his name.

The rest of the fights that passed positively on the scale were the ones that will face Paco Estévez in MMA against Rafael de Souza, Gerardo Núñez and Gabriel Barreiro, Gil Catarino and Mario Moreno, Kevin Cordero and Lucao Tenorio, Wilson Monteiro and Chento Márquez and Iván Raúl Rivero and Luis Víctor Romero. While in K1 they also did Aythamy Medina and Alberto Méndez, Aridani Galván and Anouar Ben Saed, Alcorac Caballero and Rubén Lee, David Peña and Alexander Epp, and David Ruiz against Manu Fernández.

The Gran Canaria Arena opens its doors at 5:00 pm to begin with the preliminary fights at 5:30 pm.

Tickets to attend the Slam Arena 2018 can be purchased at the box office of Gran Canaria Arena itself.


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