May 14, 2021

Sixth abortion due to the listeriosis outbreak – La Provincia

The listeriosis causes a new abortion, this time at 22 weeks gestation. The woman was admitted to Malaga and had eaten meat from Magrudis. It is the sixth pregnancy that does not come to an end because of this outbreak, the fifth abortion in Andalusia where 46 people are still admitted, including a child, seriously ill with cancer, who has tested positive for listeria.

Fourteen pregnant women are still admitted while the ones that are getting high, like Veronica, they come home relieved. He had a few days to give birth when he ate contaminated meat and tested positive for listeria. Luckily, she was able to give birth and her baby was born healthy. To reduce the risk in pregnant women, the Health counseling It has extended the current protocol and recommends antibiotic treatment to all pregnant women who have eaten contaminated meat even if they have no symptoms.

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