February 28, 2021

Sixteen ambassadors present credentials to the president of Bolivia

Sixteen ambassadors, including Spaniard Emilio Pérez de Ágreda Záes, presented their credentials to Bolivian President Evo Morales on Wednesday, as part of the start of his diplomatic mission.

The ceremony was held in the Plaza Murillo in La Paz, where a large red carpet was spread by the ambassadors of Spain, Great Britain, Peru, Italy, Nigeria, Saharawi, Australia, Georgia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Honduras, Thailand, Qatar and Kuwait.

Diplomats were greeted at the front of the old Government Palace with honors by the Colorados of Bolivia, a historic faction of the Armed Forces of the country that are distinguished by their reddish clothing.

After that, one by one they entered through the old building until the adjoining Casa Grande del Pueblo, current headquarters of the Executive Power of Bolivia, where Morales was waiting for them.

The first ambassador to present his credentials was the Spanish Pérez de Ágreda who, after delivering the documents certifying his mission in Bolivia, had a few minutes to talk with Morales.

After that, the Spanish diplomat left again through the main portico of the old Government Palace where the anthems of Spain and Bolivia were played, as part of the act of final protocol, in view of several passers-by.

The same ceremony was made by Ambassadors Jeffrey Glekin of Great Britain, Jorge Lázaro of Peru, Francesco Tafuri of Italy, Christopher Nonyelum of Nigeria, Mohamed Salem of Saharaui, Diana Nelson of Australia, Irakli Kurashvili of Georgia, Josef Hlobil of the Czech Republic and Afonso Henriquez de Azeredo of Portugal.

In addition to the ambassadors Gerhard Zettl of Austria, Mogens Pedersen of Denmark, Jorge Milla Reyes of Honduras, Kesanne Palanuwogse of Thailand, Ali Hamad Al-Sulaiti of Qatar and Nasser Almotairi of Kuwait.

The presentation of the credentials of the sixteen ambassadors lasted about two hours.

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