March 7, 2021

Six tourists dead and dozens injured by storm in northern Greece

At least six people died, including two children, and dozens were injured during the storm of winds and rains that struck last night in the Chalkidiki peninsula in northern Greece.

As reported by the new Minister of Citizen Protection, Mijalis Jrisojoidis, the deceased are all tourists who were on vacation in the area.

Two victims are of Russian nationality, two are Czechs and two are Romanians.

The two Russians are a 39-year-old Russian and his two-year-old son who was hit by a tree that fell with them in the town of Nea Potidea.

Two Romanians, a 54-year-old man and a boy of eight, died when the roof of a tavern collapsed in Nea Playía. For now the firefighters have not been able to confirm if both victims were related.

In addition, several people who were transferred to nearby hospitals were injured.

The storm also claimed the life of a larger Czech couple who were in their caravan when a wind hit the vehicle.

In the caravan were also the son and grandson of the couple, who managed to save themselves.

The rescue authorities are also looking for a fisherman who has been reported missing.

The storm that has affected the center, west and north of Greece has caused great damage especially by trees uprooted and cars overturned, but also in buildings, where roofs flew from roof tiles or roof rails fell.

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