Six tips to pass the Selectividad

The autonomous communities have already started this 2021 the extraordinary call of the Baccalaureate Assessment for University Access (EBAU), the old one Selectivity. The exams will take place in most of the autonomous communities throughout the first half of July. Selectivity exams, to which more than 200,000 students attend every year throughout Spain, were carried out last year with exceptional measures to avoid contagion, such as the use of masks or the multiplication of venues, including sports halls or fairgrounds, which facilitated the safety distance of two meters between students.

Here are six tips that will help you pass the Selectividad:

Nerves, enemy number one

The EBAU is not just any test. Many students work hard to get the best results that will allow them to later study the degree they want. Faced with the fear of not obtaining the necessary grades, many students become blocked and do not respond in the best way.

Therefore, it is important to relativize. This is an important test, but nothing more. More than 95% of the students who present themselves manage to pass it. And the Exam qualification only corresponds to 40% of the University Access Qualification (CAU). Therefore, it is important not to have the false feeling that our life depends on the test.

The trust can play a key role, so you must have faith in yourself. And, if you have come this far, you know perfectly how to take an exam. When the sheets are handed to you, stop, take a deep breath, read carefully, and stay calm.

Know the modifications of the contents

This year will not be the same as previous years due to the health crisis. Therefore, it is not trivial to know the modifications that are made in the test model, which generally refer to the fact that instead of choosing between an A or B test option, you can choose the questions you want to answer in both options.

The institutes and universities have been in charge of disseminating the changes that each autonomous community has adopted. Therefore, it is important learn the rules of the exam and modifications together. You must know at all times how the test will take place to gain confidence and not start doubting.

Consult the hygienic-sanitary instructions

One of the handicaps of this year will once again be compliance with the hygienic-sanitary rules that the thousands of students who will take the EBAU test must respect. It is important that let’s be clear about what the guidelines will be to follow, so that we do not have doubts that will hurt our confidence.

For example, if it is necessary to wear a mask and we forget it, we will be anxious to get it, we will have doubts as to whether they can leave us one, etc. The best thing is to keep everything under control. So it is convenient to review what has to be carried.

We can access the guides to clarify doubts about the Selectividad that have been published by some universities. They explain in detail the logistical and sanitary measures that students must follow to avoid contagion. We can also find tips to prepare the tests that can help us.

Planning as the key to success

It is highly recommended to plan what you are going to study each day and organize the study to be as efficient as possible and meet the goals that we assign ourselves. If we have everything under control and deadlines are met, we will increase our confidence and advance on solid ground. You can help yourself summaries and schematics to synthesize the information and review each subject. But, don’t forget to rest and disconnect from the study. The mind needs to clear to continue working efficiently.

Take previous exams

It is a technique used in a large number of tests. And, taking exams from past years will give us a version similar to what we will find on the day of the test. A) Yes, we will know the style of the exam and the selection criteria.

It is also possible that some questions are repeated or similar, so these drills can help. It would be best to rehearse these old exams in a realistic way. That is to say, meeting the times, without external collaboration and on paper. Imitating the scenario that we will find on Selectivity day. Thus, when we do the actual examination, we will notice that we are in a familiar situation and it will provide us with that important security.

Share doubts with your colleagues

In addition to going to the teacher, it is also advisable organize small groups to review and prepare the test. Putting potential problems in common helps us understand some things that we have not yet clarified. If it is not possible to meet in person with our colleagues, we can opt for the telematic route.


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