September 18, 2020

Six tips to make going back to work more bearable




These days hundreds of Spaniards are facing the double challenge of returning to work and returning to the office under the shadow of Covid-19. A not easy return, to which is added a complex empidemiological situation. Specifically, according to the latest data updated by Health, a total of 903 patients have been admitted in the last 24 hours and 2,415 new infections have taken place, 60% concentrated in Madrid, Andalusia, the Basque Country and the Canary Islands. In an effort to make a more complex return less uphill than previous years, the experts at Sodexo Benefits and Incentives have put together a short list of tips:

1. Join with advanced week

In other words, avoiding the first Monday, which according to Sodexo experts can represent a drastic change and, in this way, avoiding “the shock of starting on Monday, thus having only two or three days of work ahead”. It is not the only option because there are those who prefer to return on a Friday, “a day that is usually shorter than the rest of the days of the week and that can help the worker to gradually get used to the routine.”

2. Set real challenges back to school

Returning to work after several weeks of relaxation can be overwhelming due to the amount of accumulated work, which is why Sodexo has advised “a correct planning of activities, setting realistic and organized goals, can help a lot”. Which can facilitate compliance and generate a sense of accomplishment that does not hurt the company.

3. Keep enjoying the summer

We still have summer to go, and it is not positive that the return to the routine takes away the desire to continue making summer plans, which will make the landing less difficult. “Organizing plans with friends or family for when the workday is over will help the employee not to let go of the summer spirit so easily,” the experts consulted have pointed out.

4. Do physical exercise

Without a doubt, physical exercise helps reduce stress and, in parallel, helps to clear the mind. Combining it with the return to the office can be very beneficial, since “it has been shown that active workers spend less time off work than sedentary ones.” This can also lead to savings for the health system.

5. A good work environment

It is always a variable to assess, but from Sodexo, they have recalled that returning to the office – when the epidemiological situation also allows it – is synonymous with reuniting with colleagues. Some people you probably haven’t seen physically in months with. So “promoting a good work environment will help the days not be so hard, especially when returning to the office”

6. Take advantage of the social benefits of the company

In many companies, different social benefits are put at the service of the employees, such as the transport card, the daycare voucher or the restaurant vouchers that can make it easier to return to work «and which are also exempt from personal income tax so it will be beneficial also on an economic level ». Benefits that can make life easier.

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