Six series that you can not miss in February | TV

Six series that you can not miss in February | TV

'Russian Doll'

In the middle of the party celebrating his 36th birthday, Nadia dies. That situation will be repeated again and again in a surreal loop that always returns to the same point and always ends, irremediably, with his death, changing only the circumstances of it. To get out of that spiral, Nadia, videogame developer, will have to review her own life and her personal relationships. With a starting point that reminds The Groundhog Day This comedy is created by Amy Poehler, Leslye Headland and Natasha Lyonne, also protagonist of this series that has had a great reception by the American critics.

Where and when to see it? On February 1, Netflix premieres its eight episodes.

'Day to day'

After two applauded seasons, returns this comedy starring a family of Cuban origin living in Los Angeles. With format of sitcom traditional with live audience, combine laughter with tears and topics that range from immigrant problems, racism in the US, homosexuality, post-traumatic syndrome, divorce or death. Justina Machado and Rita Moreno head the cast of this remake of a series of 1975 of the same name created by Norman Lear and that in the new episodes will feature a cameo by Gloria Estefan, who gives voice to the main theme of the series.

Where and when to see it? The third season arrives at Netflix on the 8th.

'The Umbrella Academy'

The death of the wealthy inventor Reginald Hargreeves brings together his adopted children, young people with different superpowers. One of them thinks that the death of his father has actually been murder. In addition to investigating and having to deal with each other and their very different ways of being, the members of this dysfunctional family will have to face the proximity of the end of the world. Combining action, a careful musical selection and light doses of black humor, The Umbrella Academy It adapts the comic written by Gerard Way with a cast that includes Ellen Page, Tom Hopper or Robert Sheehan.

Where and when to see it? Netflix releases its 10 episodes on February 15.

'Das Boot: The submarine'

German production raised as a sequel to the 1981 Wolfgang Petersen film that was nominated for six Oscars and adapted the novel by Lothar-Günther Buchheim. Sober and dark, the series puts the action in 1942 – months after the narration in the film – and follows the lives of the young crew of a German submarine that faces a complicated mission with the increasingly bloody Second World War in the background. This story of spies and survival takes place in the midst of tensions between the two sides, with a group of characters that will test their loyalty and ability to endure.

Where and when to see it? AMC premieres the first season of eight episodes on February 21.

'Look what you have done'

The birth of their first child put the life of Berto and Sandra upside down. But that was nothing compared to what comes with the arrival of his twins in the world. In addition to everything that involves having to deal with a large family, this version passed through the filter of Berto Romero's fiction embarks on the filming of one of the most ambitious projects of his professional life: a series about his life. The second season of the comedy created by Romero and based on his own experiences as a father he dares a triple somersault in his six new chapters that looks at fatherhood from a comical and tender point of view in equal parts.

Where and when to see it? The six episodes of the second season will be available on the 22nd at Movistar +.

'I Am the Night'

Fauna Hodel is a young mestizo woman who, when she discovers that she was given for adoption at birth, intends to meet her biological family. Her main clue leads her to contact Dr. George Hodel, his grandfather and a prestigious Hollywood doctor who was one of the suspects in the murder of the Black Dahlia. Fauna's path will intersect with that of Jay Singletary, a reporter who investigated the unsolved case and who now accepts any job that allows him to survive. The six chapters of this thriller Based on real events and set in the sixties, they are played by Chris Pine and India Eisley.

Where and when to see it? Premiere on February 27 in TNT with double chapter.


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