December 3, 2020

Six sanction matches for the coach who defended his goalkeeper when he was called “fat” – La Provincia

Disbelief and outrage. These may be the two words that best define the feeling of the Arosist family, and especially, of the Arosa quarry. And all because the coach of cadet B of the vilagarciano team, David Míguez Cascallar, has been sanctioned with six matches for the incidents that happened last Saturday in A Xunqueira (Pontevedra), where the coach was expelled.

It happened, it should be remembered, with the game stopped, when he entered the field to ask the referee to record in the minutes that his goalkeeper, only fourteen years old, had been called “fat”.

“Something disproportionate and unheard of”

The fact that the Federation now punishes the coach with six suspension matches is considered “something disproportionate and unprecedented,” hence the club is asked to cease that punishment or, at least, reduce it significantly.

The parents of cadet B players insist on it, many of whom argue that “If this punishment is maintained to the coach, what will have to be done the next time something similar happens is to remove the children from the field and leave the match, since above football are education and respect, and in no way can it be tolerated that children are belittled from the stands. “

A moment of the encounter between A Seca and Arosa. The arguments of the Federation

According to the resolution communicated from the Galician Football Federation, Cascallar falls a match of suspension for double reprimand. Already explained in FARO following the incidents that the coach himself assumes his responsibility on the first yellow card, since he jumped into the field without permission from the referee to attend one of his players, who remained lying on the ground after a hard kick that was not sanctioned.

It was at that moment when he demanded that the referee stop the match or reflect in the minutes that his goalkeeper had just been called “fat” by an adult who was among the fans of the home team, A Seca.

But the coach does not understand the second yellow card, since the referee showed it to him when he tried to convince him to reflect what happened in the minutes, “trying to contribute to educate children as people and fight the attitude of parents who, from the stands, do not hesitate to insult to the children, coaches and the referees themselves. “

And if you do not understand that second yellow, with the consequent expulsion, much less share that now you are imposed four other suspension matches “for grabbing, pushing or shaking” the referee; something that the coach and the parents of the players deny roundly.

In case it was not enough, a more punitive match is imposed “for breaching the prohibition of giving instructions of a technical nature after being expelled”, when it turns out that when seeing the red Cascallar he went to the stands and the one who continued to direct his team from the bench was his assistant, Gregorio Bouzas.

The story of the facts

As explained on Monday in FARO, Only six minutes left before the end of the A Seca-Arosa cadet meeting, when a player from the visiting team suffered an ugly entry, without a ball, which left him lying on the ground.

The referee, Alejandro Gómez Cerqueiro, did not point out the foul, and when the game stopped to take care of the injured the goalkeeper of the club vilagarciano ran to attend to his teammate and reproach the attitude of the player of A Seca who had committed the foul, reaching push it slightly.

It was at that moment when, From the stands, a father called the 14-year-old goalkeeper “fat”, unleashing a verbal brawl between the two hobbies. At that moment the coach of Arosa approached the referee to reproach his attitude, since he did nothing to hear the insult uttered against the goalkeeper.

David Cascallar. “The referee must help train the children”

Cascallar explained his procedure by saying that the goal of coaches, referees, clubs and parents “should be to educate and ensure that children learn to be people; I told the referee in the field, but he just indicated that he could not be there , ignoring”.

In his view, “the referee must also help” to train the children, “and when I took the second yellow for insisting on it, I told him that I did not care exactly, because what really mattered to me at that moment were my players, the one who had received the kick and the one who was suffering because they were calling him fat from the stands. “

The referee, the Arosa player who received the hard tackle and, in the background, the coach.
The position of the collegiate

Faced with this, the delegate of the Pontevedra arbitration committee, Manuel Vidal, assured that the collegiate “did not hear the insult, and therefore could not pick it up in the minutes; he was arbitrating, and not pending what was said in the stands, that’s why he didn’t hear anything, hence he was the first surprised when the coach invaded the field to ask him to take action and include the insult in the arbitration record. “

A explanation that does not convince the coach, who says he is convinced that the referee “did hear the insult, because it was heard all over the field. “

No one doubts that the insult occurred

Be that as it may, whether he heard it or not, what is clear, and demonstrated by the corresponding video, is that the insult to the fourteen-year-old goalkeeper did occur.

That is why, as they say in the Arosa quarry, “It is appropriate to reduce or cancel the sanction of the coach and for the Federation to decide whether to take measures against the one who issued the insult from the stands, even forbidding him to re-enter the fields. “


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