Six recipes to celebrate International Legume Day cooking at home

We had wanted them for a long time and, now in winter, they are more appetizing than ever. So we have taken advantage of the International Day of Pulses, which has been commemorated since 2016, to collect some typical recipes with beans of different types and colors, chickpeas and lentils that will delight all palates, not in vain, they have nourished generations after generations without giving up the classics.

How to cook legumes so that they do not give off gases

How to cook legumes so that they do not give off gases

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To do this, we have looked for recipes from several books by experienced cooks such as Good cuisine, by Karlos Arguiñano, published in Planeta; Recipes for beginners and cooks, by Xabier Gutiérrez, in Planeta Gastro; Y Cooking in a pressure cooker, by Claudia Ferrer, in Libros Cúpula. Without further ado, we invite you to try cooking them by following their instructions.

Arguiñano Recipes

Fried chickpeas with old clothes

  • Put water to heat in a pressure cooker.
  • When the water begins to boil, season it and add 300 g of chickpeas (soaked since the day before) drained, 600 grams (g) of stilt or blood sausage and, already peeled and cleaned, an onion, a carrot, a leek and ten grains of Pepper.
  • Close the pot and cook everything for 25 minutes.
  • Drain the chickpeas and crumble the meat. Reserve them separately.
  • Cut another onion into thin julienne strips and sauté in a frying pan with a drizzle of oil until browned (approximately 10–12 minutes).
  • Add the crumbled stilt and cook for 5–6 minutes.
  • Peel the potatoes, dice them and fry them in a pan with plenty of hot oil.
  • Remove them and toast the chickpeas there.
  • Distribute on four plates.

Chickpeas with mussels

  • For four, drain 300 g of chickpeas soaked from the day before and put them in the speed cooker with plenty of boiling water.
  • Peel two carrots and an onion, chop them and add them.
  • Season, cover and cook for about 15–20 minutes.
  • Drain the chickpeas and set them aside.
  • Strain and reserve the broth.
  • To make the green sauce, laminate two cloves of garlic and brown them in a pan with a splash of oil.
  • Add two tablespoons of flour and cook it a little while stirring. Pour in three scoops of the chickpea broth and add a little chopped parsley.
  • Remove the whiskers from about 20–24 mussels, place them in the pan, cover and cook until they open. Add the chickpeas and mix well.

Recipes by Xabier Gutiérrez

Red beans with cabbage

  • If the bean is fresh (pocha), it is not necessary to soak it; If not, put a kilo (kg) of red or black beans in the casserole covered with cold water the night before.
  • The next day, chop an onion, half a green pepper and half a leek, lightly fry them in a pan, add them to the casserole with the beans, and cover three fingers with water.
  • Bring it to a boil and add half a glass of very cold water to cut the cooking.
  • Repeat the operation again and leave them simmering over very low heat.
  • Add 150 g of spicy chorizo, 150 g of fresh bacon, 150 g of pork rib and simmer for about 90 minutes very slowly without lacking water. If they are thick, add water.
  • In addition, cook the cabbage and an onion blood sausage over low heat in water for 10 minutes, previously making incisions with the tip of a knife along the length, so that it does not burst when boiling.
  • Put 100 g of pickled chillies with a little coarse salt and extra virgin olive oil. When the beans are soft, but whole, and the broth slightly thick, serve them in soup plates and accompanied by the chillies, blood sausage and cabbage.

Asturian bean stew

  • The day before, put a kilo and a half of beans to soak in cold water and, in another container, a kilo of pork shoulder cut into pieces, also covered with water.
  • The next morning, while you are preparing a liter of chicken or chicken broth, add the beans to a saucepan, covered with cold water, with three Asturian blood sausages and three tender sausages over medium heat, removing the foam.
  • At the beginning of cooking, add a little cold chicken broth to cut it and, after the first boil, let them cook slowly for 90 minutes.
  • In another casserole, boil the pork shoulder for an hour to remove some of its salty flavor.
  • After that time, add it to the bean casserole, taking care that they do not break and are not exposed (as the skin would come off), for which you have to add a little chicken broth.
  • Also, towards the middle of cooking the beans, add a sauce of half chopped onion, sweet paprika and six strands of saffron and add salt. Let stand an hour. If the broth is light, pass a few beans through the mill and add them to thicken.

Claudia Ferrer recipes for cooking in a pressure cooker

Stewed lentils with chorizo

  • For six people, you need to soak 500 g of lentils in a container of water for at least 4 hours, pour the water, wash the lentils and reserve them.
  • Put the pressure cooker with two tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat.
  • When it’s hot, add half an onion, thinly sliced, and a grated tomato and fry them for a couple of minutes.
  • Add 300 g of chopped chorizo ​​and two sliced ​​carrots and sauté for one more minute. Add the lentils and a bay leaf and stir so that they soak up the flavor of the sauce.
  • Cover the lentils with the cold water, turn the heat to high and close the pot.
  • When the pot reaches the second ring, lower the heat to a minimum and cook for seven minutes.
  • Take the pot off the heat, open the valve, and let the pot lose pressure on its own, until both rings drop.
  • When you can open it, add the salt. If the lentils are too thick, add a little hot water and stir carefully.

Chickpea stew with cod

  • Soak 400 g chickpeas in a bowl with plenty of warm water for 12 hours, drain them – discarding the soaking water – and set them aside.
  • Heat a liter of water in a saucepan, put three tablespoons of olive oil in the electric speed cooker and set the “brown” function for five minutes at 138 ° C.
  • Cut an onion and two cloves of garlic as finely as possible, add them to the pot and sauté, stirring occasionally.
  • Next, add a grated tomato and sauté everything for a few more minutes.
  • When the program is about to end, add two tablespoons of paprika and stir well so it does not burn.
  • Pour in the hot water, and then add the chickpeas.
  • Close the pot and select the “fast cooking” program for 20 minutes at level four and with a decrease in natural pressure.
  • When the program is finished, open the pot and add 300 g of spinach –clean and chopped if they are very large–, 600 g of cod –cut into 4 cm cubes– and a tablespoon of salt.

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