July 6, 2020

Six reasons for children to take to the streets – La Provincia

Families will have this Sunday, if they wish, the possibility of removing little ones for a walk. It will undoubtedly be a decision that they must take after overcoming, perhaps, many doubts, because, despite the authorization of the health authorities, not everyone is clear that it is good Go for a walk.

Cristina Gutiérrez, educator emotional and director of ‘La Granja’, both in Santa Maria de Palautordera (Barcelona) and in Fuentidueña de Tajo (Madrid), centers where, annually, 19,000 children and young people, between 3 and 18 years old, coexist with animals and educators, outdoors, in a fantastic complicity to Trying to get the best lifestyle book, he has decided to offer at least eight reasons to go out for a breath, to feel free and happy, to share these difficult moments.

Facing fears

“The first reason to go out with the children,” explains Gutiérrez, “is because fear paralyzes us, it is invasive and contagious. If we don’t face it, it will grow within us and, therefore, it will be much more difficult to overcome it. What creates a certain trauma is not feeling fear, but not feeling capable of facing that fear. “

A second reason for this emotional educator, who has just published ‘Grow Bravely’, her fourth guidebook, “is that we have the opportunity to train what we humans have to overcome fear, our doubts: courage. Courage is not not being afraid, no, courage is being afraid and, despite this, acting. And, of course, bravery is not to be confused with recklessness. Going outside with your children, following the rules, is courage; going out without complying is reckless. “

“A third reason is have and gain confidence that everything will be better, despite the hard times we are experiencing, of course, “continues the director of ‘La Granja’. A fourth reason would be that, if we go out on the street,” we will improve the health of our children, because, after many weeks of confinement, we will breathe an air that, precisely now, is less polluted than ever, natural light will flood our eyes, the sun will tan our skin and walking will allow us to recover some of our atrophied muscles “.

Improve emotional health

There is no doubt, according to Cristina Gutiérrez, that going out this Sunday for a walk with our children “will improve our emotional health, becoming the fifth reason to leave our house for a few minutes, to feel, perhaps, more free, to greet, from afar, yes, but to greet the people with whom we come across what we will undoubtedly train thanks for by valuing many of the things that, before this pandemic, we took for granted and, finally, hearing, if we are lucky enough not to live in a city, the sounds of nature. All this will undoubtedly make us return home with more energy or with renewed energy. “

And as the sixth and last reason “we must go out because our children deserve it And because they are, we all know that, the true masters of joy, something that adults have stopped practicing for a long time. Surely, regardless of the harshness of having had to be locked up with them at home, there is no doubt that the happy face they will put, the joy it will bring them, going outside, will help the family to recover their spirits now gain strength for what we have left, which will continue to be hard and long. “


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