Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Six provinces change their phone code tomorrow

Six provinces change their phone code tomorrow

The Secretariat of State for Digital Advance, of the Ministry of Economy and Business, has awarded new telephone prefixes to Badajoz, Guipúzcoa, Burgos, Málaga, Castellón and Alicante, according to a report by the Nacoinal Commission of Markets and Competition ( CNM) that warned of the need to attribute a new geographic numbering for the fixed telephone service in certain provinces.

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As published today the Official State Gazette (BOE), the Government has agreed the following indicatives: Badajoz, 824 + 8; Guipúzcoa, 843 + 8; Burgos, 847 + 9; Málaga 851 + 9; Castellón 864 + 7 and Alicante 865 + 4. This resolution will produce effects this Sunday.

The report of the CNMC details that there are several provincial numbering zones with a resource rate assigned to operators greater than 90% of those allocated, or with an insufficient number of blocks of 10,000 numbers available for assignment to operators.

In all the provinces cited above, Competence considers "sufficient" the adjudication and attribution of an indicative of 100,000 numbers.


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