Six out of ten Spaniards believe that they pay more taxes than they receive from the State

Six out of ten Spaniards believe that they pay more taxes than they receive from the State

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80% believe that they are not charged fairly and nine out of ten consider tax fraud as a common evil in the country, according to a CIS survey

Clara Dawn

The perception of citizens about taxes in Spain is getting worse. The Center for Sociological Research published its latest fiscal policy study on Friday, which aims to be a thermostat on public opinion on tax matters. And the conclusions could not be more discouraging. 41% of those surveyed consider that in Spain a lot is paid in taxes. And only 9.6% consider that little is paid to the Treasury (the restanet percentage considers the current taxation normal).

But not only that. Of those citizens who each year face their appointment with the treasury, few, very few, are satisfied with the use that the State makes of that money. Specifically, six out of ten Spaniards (62%) consider that they receive much less from public services than what they contribute in the form of taxes and contributions. Barely 28.7% are satisfied with the balance between what they pay and what they receive and only 6.6% believe that they receive more from the Administration than they pay.

The survey also leaves an outstanding fact at a time when the Government keeps in mind the long-awaited tax reform that was parked in the drawer after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, and whose one of its bases is that whoever has more, more pay. As well. 79.9% of the citizens surveyed by the CIS consider that taxes are not collected fairly. A percentage that exceeds the 77% that was estimated in the survey published just a year ago.

At the same time, more than 90% (9 out of ten), perceive that there is still a lot or a lot of tax fraud in Spain. Precisely, the Government has focused in recent times on reinforcing the fight against this scourge in order to reduce the collection gap with Europe, with measures such as the prohibition of tax amnesties or the new limitations on cash payments so that they do not exceed the 1,000 euros.

Precisely, the CIS report also reveals that 34.3% of Spaniards think that more taxes are paid in the country than in other more advanced countries in Europe, compared to 16.7% who believe that they pay the same and a 35.9% who say that there is less tax burden.

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