Six out of ten directors of human resources acknowledge not knowing enough about the "blockchain"

Six out of ten directors of human resources acknowledge not knowing enough about the "blockchain"


The blockchain technology, which facilitates transactions that are not necessarily monetary, as well as the storage of data, is still a great unknown in the world of human resources, according to the conclusions of the «Study on the impact of the blockchain on human resources » prepared by the Adecco Group and the Cuatrecasas Institute for Legal Strategy in HR based on 200 interviews with human resource managers from all economic sectors. Specific, only 2.9% of those consulted believe that they have enough knowledge of what this technology means and its impact on companies.

While only 37.3% of respondents acknowledge knowing what is and what is the use that can be given in the business world while the remaining 62.7% admit not having enough knowledge.

Changes in recruitment

For the director of the Cuatrecasas Institute, blockchain technology "facilitates one of the most transversal challenges we have seen in the adoption of the different disruptive technologies in the organization: build trust among our employees in the management of the data that is done in the business ecosystem ». In this sense, for the majority of the directors of human resources consulted - 74.2% - the greatest transformation within the area of ​​human resources will be in the recruitment.

While another 62.1% has mentioned what is related to the administration of Human Resources in relation to the development of intelligent contracts. Some advances that, according to this study, are judged to be slow because two out of every three participating professionals fixed in more than 5 years the payroll is paid through blockchain. While just one in four respondents do not believe that the introduction of this technology will improve the wages of workers and six out of ten do not believe that it has influence for good or bad.

Among the sectors that could most benefit from the blockchain, the participants in the study have highlighted the financial sectors, logistics and transport, as well as the health sector.


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