January 20, 2021

Six out of every ten Spaniards saved during confinement, according to BBVA

Six out of ten Spaniards saved during confinement (with an average saving of 367 euros per month), while 26% did not experience any change in their expenses and 13% consumed more than usual.

These data come from a survey (with a margin of error of 2.2 points) carried out by the BBVA Pension Institute among more than two thousand adults between May 27 and June 13, mostly through consultations. phone calls, and focused on the impact of coronavirus on savings and retirement prospects, in which half of the population has stated that they will give preference to saving in the future.

In this sense, 88% of the interviewees who assume the role of household breadwinners declare that they have had no difficulty paying bills during confinement, and among the remaining 12% the majority have “thrown away” their savings, some destined retirement, or have asked a family member or friend for a loan or money.

During mistrust, half the population admits that they are already spending the same as before and 34% say they are spending less, twice as many as they say they are consuming more now (16%).

Furthermore, the survey has revealed that a third of pensioners have feared for the payment of the benefit they receive during confinement, and a third of those surveyed declare that they have started saving for retirement.


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