February 26, 2021

Six of the twelve wounded in the Sanfermines confinements remain hospitalized

Six of the twelve wounded in the first three confinements of these Sanfermines who were transferred to the hospital remain hospitalized, although none of them has a very serious prognosis.

On the 7th, the most eventful of the festivities, informs the Government of Navarre, it resulted in five transfers, of which four remain hospitalized.

This is A.M., a 23-year-old male from Kentucky (USA) who received a goring in the left thigh; V.C.A., La Rioja of 40 years, with the same injury; M.P.R., a 38-year-old male from Calahorra (La Rioja), who suffered a lumbar fracture; and J.A., 46-year-old male from San Francisco (USA), who received a goring in the neck with a serious but favorable prognosis.

Of the four wounded in the confinement of day 8, three have already been discharged, and only F.M.A., a 61-year-old Pamplona, ​​who suffered a traumatic brain injury on the slope of Santo Domingo, is admitted.

Finally, of the two wounded of the race of day 9, one has been discharged, while the other, SS, a 49-year-old man from Wembley (United Kingdom) is still hospitalized with a traumatism in the left ankle and will have to go through the operating room.

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