Six new corruption charges attributed to former Malaysian prime minister

The Malaysian prosecutor's office today charged six new corruption charges to former Prime Minister Najib Razak in relation to the alleged embezzlement of the state investment fund 1 Malaysia Development Behard (1MDB).

Najib, 65, who is on bail on previous charges, was accused on this occasion of abuse of power and money laundering with respect to the handling of public capital during a court hearing in Kuala Lumpur, they said in a statement. communicated the authorities.

Next to the exmandatario also had to appear the ex- general secretary for the Treasure Irwan Serigar, to whom justice also accused him of the same number of crimes by corruption.

Each of the charges is punishable by between two to twenty years in prison, which could be added a fine and corporal punishment.

Both pleaded not guilty to the crimes charged, local media reported.

The new accusations are added to the 32 charges that Najib faced up to date, all of them related to the investigations of the 1MDB.

On Thursday, the prosecution also plans to call Najib's wife Rosmah Mansor, who is charged with 17 counts linked to the same corruption scheme.

Najib was Malaysia's prime minister from 2009 until he lost in the general elections held last May, period in which he created and digested 1MDB as an investor arm of the state.

The corruption scandal in 1MDB was unveiled in 2015 by an investigation by The Wall Street Journal and the Sarawak Report portal that revealed the diversion of the 2.6 billion ringgit (627 million dollars or 536 million euros) to their private accounts.

Najib then claimed that the money was a donation from the Saudi royal house and the prosecution exonerated him of any crime.

The Department of Justice of the United States estimates that some 4,500 million dollars (3,869 million euros) were diverted from 1MDB, of which about 1,000 million dollars (860,000 euros) would have been laundered in their country with the purchase of real estate, yachts , jewelry and works of art, among other goods.


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