Six months in prison to a student for assaulting her teacher | Society

The events occurred on February 12 during an English test, a subject taught by the teacher. The student, a high school student in a Mijeño educational center, complained about the test and showed her dissatisfaction, "creating an atmosphere of tension in class", according to the statement. When the exercise ended, "with the intention of undermining the principle of authority that the teacher represents in the exercise of their profession," the condemned woman started a strong discussion with her teacher. At that time, he kicked a chair between the two that ended up hitting the victim and caused an injury "in the upper part of the tibia" (one of the bones of the leg) "that took five days to heal" . At that moment and "jocularly" said: "Shut up that I have not done anything" and left the classroom making funny comments about what happened with a partner.

Therefore, the student has been sentenced to six months in prison as the author responsible for a crime of assault on the authority and another slight injury, as well as a fine of 180 euros and compensation of 125 euros for injuries caused to the woman assaulted

As detailed in the sentence, the teacher, who had to go to the emergency service immediately, took a day to report "due to the state of humiliation he felt." Comisiones Obreras, the organization where they advised her and provided her with a lawyer for her defense, has encouraged to denounce cases of violence "because these acts, such as humiliation or harassment of teachers, can not go unpunished," according to Félix Martin, secretary general of the Union of Teaching Workers Commissions in Malaga.

"The ruling is a warning to navigators to be aware that it can not happen again," adds Martin, who believes that most cases like this is not reported "out of fear, embarrassment or to not transcend the data of the school".


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