Six infections in the pilot test of the Love of Lesbian concert

A moment of the concert that the Love of Lesbian group has offered at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona.

A moment of the concert that the Love of Lesbian group has offered at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona.

The group concert Love of lesbian at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona on March 27, which was the first massive pilot test and without safety distance with about 5,000 attendees During the coronavirus pandemic, “it was not a super transmission event.”

Researchers from the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital in Badalona (Barcelona) – known as Can Ruti – Boris Revollo and Josep Maria Llibre, together with the acting Minister of Culture, Àngels Ponsa, the first deputy mayor of Barcelona, ​​Jaume Collboni, and the head of the Infectious Diseases service of Can Ruti, Bonaventura Clotet.

“It is a safe activity,” claimed Llibre, who specified that in the 14 days after the concert they registered six positive cases among the 4,592 concert attendees who gave their consent for the analysis of the diagnoses for Covid-19. In addition, the researcher has highlighted that a cumulative incidence of 131 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the 14 days after the concert, a lower figure compared to the IA14 for the same period of time and the same age group in Barcelona -since the majority of attendees were from the Catalan capital-, which was 260 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Of the six cases diagnosed, Llibre has pointed out, after conducting an epidemiological survey of those infected, that the data suggests that transmission did not occur during the concert: in four of them “with complete certainty” and in two it has not been possible to determine clearly. In this survey they have identified in which area of ​​the concert they were – there were three differentiated sectors -, if the date of infection coincides with the attendance at the concert, if the index case of their contagion is known and if their companions were infected. The six cases have passed the disease as mild or asymptomatic cases, none of them have required hospital admission and the researchers have not observed secondary transmission to other contacts.

“It will speed up”

For his part, Ponsa has stressed that the departments of Culture and Health are working in a joint commission to make the concerts a “reality this summer”, although he has clarified that there are still aspects to be specified to make it possible.

Likewise, Llibre has ensured that the organization of activities until now prohibited due to the pandemic of coronavirus “It will accelerate” and has specified that some will replicate the same formula as this concert and others will follow different prevention measures. In fact, he stressed that other countries such as Norway, Denmark, France and the United Kingdom are also organizing pilot tests, especially the British who “are gaining more momentum” with vaccination and have organized up to 15 tests similar to the Love of Lesbian concert. in Sant Jordi.

“The world looks at us”

Collboni has claimed that Barcelona and its culture have been “at the forefront and at the forefront” with the celebration of this concert, and has advocated combining the preservation of cultural activity with maintaining all the sanitary guarantees to control the pandemic. “The world is looking at us more than ever,” insisted Collboni, who detailed that After the celebration of the concert, many cities have contacted the Catalan capital, from the rest of the State and from other parts of the world, to know the results of the trial.


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