April 16, 2021

Six essential tips to love reading – The Province

Six essential tips to love reading - The Province

The reading is one of the most beneficial habits that they recommend to keep in daily tasks. As with feeding, a good diet based on books and novels is something very healthy for the brain. Experts say that the habit of reading favors the ability to concentrate, helps to release stress and improves empathy, among many other things.

Despite its recognized benefits, many people do not get to love reading and can not install a daily reading time. Here are several tips to love books.

Do not force yourself to read what you do not like

One of the most common mistakes is to force yourself to read works that are not to the reader's liking, simply because the criticism points to them as very good. If one begins to read a work of great reputation or recognized as one of those great classics of literature, but it is tedious or not just passionate the reader, you should not be ashamed to admit it. If it is clear that it is not to the liking of the reader, the best option is to leave it. Nor does it have to be an argument to continue necessarily with the reading the fact of having spent money in the purchase of the book.

Organize a reading schedule

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A good option to organize and dedicate a daily time to reading is estimate a specific time of the day to get into the amazing stories of the books. For example, a very common option is to read before going to bed, on the way to school or work or after dinner. It is usually positive write the task in the agenda to give importance and fulfill it. A reminder note on the bedside table can be an ally to remember the moment of reading.

Several books at a time

Although it does not seem like an advisable idea or you think that you can intersperse the different stories, this rarely happens. It is not a task only available to the greatest geniuses. Anyone can embark on reading several copies at once. In the same way that several TV series are followed at the same time, the same thing happens with books. Thanks to this method, one can read one or the other depending on the state of mind in which the person is.

Take some time even if it's minimal

The most important thing to start reading is to start reading. No matter how much time you can spend. It will always be better to spend ten minutes reading than not to start. Just by opening the book daily at a certain time a habit is generated. So, if you want to start reading, the lack of time should not be an excuse.

Monitor your results

Observing the progress is usually motivating, so it may be useful to note the books we have been reading. Thus, the progress will be observed at the end of time.

Delve into digital reading

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If you enjoy the touch of the paper when turning the pages or smelling the aroma of the leaves, maybe reading in physical format is more advisable. However, an important part of the readers, have already made the leap to digital reading, which also has its benefits. The e-books are a great way to enjoy a good copy. Their screens are not like computers and do not tire the eye. Further, They are very light and comfortable to read anywhere and almost in any position. On the bed, many times they are a great option.


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