Six earthquakes shake several cities in northern Venezuela

Six earthquakes shake several cities in northern Venezuela

The Venezuelan Foundation of Seismology (Funvisis) today reported six earthquakes that shook several cities in the north of the Caribbean country, and that had its epicenter in the state of Carabobo (north-central), with no reports of victims or material damage so far. .

The first of the movements, of magnitude 4.9 on the Richter scale, occurred around 05.00 local time (09.00 GMT) and had a depth of 9.4 kilometers, in the vicinity of the city of Valencia, capital of Carabobo .

This first earthquake was followed before 0600 local time (10.00 GMT) by 5 replicas of lower intensity -no higher than a magnitude of 4.8-, according to Funvisis.

The earthquakes were felt, as well as in the epicenter state, in other nearby areas such as Lara, Yaracuy and Zulia, in northwestern Venezuela, as well as in Aragua, Vargas, Miranda and the Capital District, in the center-north.

The authorities did not immediately report fatalities or property damage.

Funvisis registered on August 21 of this year, with an epicenter in the "southeast of Yaguarapano", in eastern Venezuela, an earthquake of magnitude 6.9 on the Richter scale that left damage to buildings throughout the country.

That has been the largest earthquake that has been registered in the Caribbean nation in recent years.


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