May 10, 2021

Six dead when a freighter sinks before the Turkish coast of the Black Sea

Six dead when a freighter sinks before the Turkish coast of the Black Sea

Six sailors have died and seven have been rescued after the shipwreck of the Volga-Balt freighter in the Black Sea, off the coast of Turkey, reported today the office of the governor of Samsun province, who has coordinated the rescue.

The Turkish authorities received a shipwreck alert at dawn and sent two rescue ships, although one had to return due to bad weather, the statement said.

A plane, four helicopters and other ships joined the operation and detected three life rafts with the surviving sailors of a crew of 13 people.

Hours later the helicopter rescue of 7 people was completed and two bodies were recovered.

The governor of Samsun, Osman Kaymak, told the Turkish agency Anadolu that efforts were continuing to find the bodies of four other sailors, including the captain, but it is feared that they could not leave the ship before it sank.

He added that of the thirteen crew members, eleven were Ukrainians and two Azeris, but did not specify the nationality of the deceased.

The Volga-Balt 214 freighter, 113 meters long and flagged in Panama, routinely made the route between the Russian and Turkish ports of the Black Sea, according to data from maritime agencies, and was en route from the port of Azov to Samsun.

Kaymak explained that the vessel was carrying a cargo of 3,300 tons of coal and now lies at a depth of about 2,000 meters, some 80 miles from the Turkish coasts.

According to a sailor, cited by Anadolu, the disaster occurred when a wave destroyed the freighter's bow.


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