December 1, 2020

Six complaints against a retired couple from Granada for carrying out homophobic attacks and harassing their neighbors

The life that is assumed quiet in a small municipality of Granada like Güevéjar, a few kilometers from the capital and with barely 2,500 inhabitants, has turned into the opposite for a year for several people. According to local residents, a retired couple does not stop making life impossible for them and carrying out constant homophobic attacks against one of them. The elderly have taken it with the neighbors who live on the other side of their wall and with a 28-year-old named Victor.

It all started when in July 2019 a friend went to visit Victor at his home, which is a few meters from that of the retired couple. The boy explains to Andalucía: “a friend came to see me and parked next to the house of these people”. Although the vehicle did not obstruct any entrance, nor did it invade any fords, the elders did not take the parking well and got into a dispute, he explains. “They began to insult my friend and then me, who went out to see what was happening,” says Victor.

Harassment and aggression

At that moment, the married woman struck the young man with her cane, breaking his finger and leaving scratches all over his body. As the attacks continued, the elderly couple did not stop insulting Víctor with homophobic comments about his sexual orientation, he says. The events were seen by the neighbors who live right next to the marriage and, when Víctor decided to report what happened, Paco and Mercedes, the couple who live door to door with the accused, supported the young man with their testimony.

That decision ended up being expensive for all three. Víctor, Paco and Mercedes have lived through an ordeal ever since. Víctor does not stop receiving homophobic insults and humiliations and the couple that witnessed the attack, living right next to the retired elderly, is suffering an unbearable day to day. The videos they have recorded when the harassment, aggression or furniture breakage in the house of Paco and Mercedes have proved this, as this newspaper has verified.

Paco explains that the one who suffers the most from everything that happens is his wife, “because she is here every day.” Since they went to trial for that attack against Víctor, “these gentlemen have not stopped bothering us and doing everything to us.” This man recalls that “during the confinement they came at dawn to call the telephone and they melted it.” In addition, they have simulated attacks and “they go to the emergency room pretending that we have attacked them, when it is a lie.”

Víctor, for his part, affirms that he has been living close to this marriage for 21 years and that he has always noticed “giggles and comments” about his sexual orientation but that, since the episode happened with his friend, they have gone to more and do not stop to insult him. He himself has recorded the man talking to other neighbors saying that “there are a lot of queers here”, while making obscene gestures with his genitals.

Six complaints and two convictions

The situation has reached such an extreme that between Victor and the neighbors they have already filed six complaints, of which two of them have resulted in sentences for the marriage of retirees. The first of them was ruled by the harassment and attacks on the young man after the dispute over the parking lot and the second by death threats received by the older man, also against Víctor.

Right now, according to the victims, three other complaints are in progress that will go to trial to clarify what will happen to these harassing neighbors. Paco appreciates “the help of the justice of the peace because he is the one who is putting the most on his part. The Local Police do not want to do anything and we only have the Civil Guard.” For his part, Víctor appreciates the support of his neighbors and regrets having to feel persecuted for his sexual orientation. But everyone has gotten tired of putting up with it and, therefore, they have decided to make public what they have suffered for a year.

For their part, the aggressor couple have no contact with anyone other than those they harass. “Every time they are notified of their attitude in the City Council, they come to pay it against us. It is impossible to talk to them,” laments Paco. “Hopefully now that the whole world is going to see what happens here, things will change”, confides Victor.


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