Six common incidents with dogs and how to solve them

Every year more than 16,000 mishaps related to pets occur in our country, mainly with dogs, which account for 96 percent of the events.

On the occasion of today's celebration of World Animal Day, a day that recalls their rights and needs, the insurance comparator has analyzed the most common accidents involving pets.

The most frequent mishaps with dogs are:

1- Veterinary assistance. Currently almost 7 out of 10 pet insurance petitions are related to veterinary services. And is that only our home is already full of difficulties and dangers for them: plants or cleaning products that can be poisoned, small objects that can swallow, cables, hot ovens, and so on. Act quickly when our little furry sick is essential, especially if you get a disease that implies a hospitalization -with the additional costs that implies if we lack the right policy-. Fortunately, insurance of this kind usually covers explorations, interventions, post-operative care, castration and similar treatments. Even the market has illuminated a new type of insurance: specific veterinary insurance for these types of issues.

Among the most common serious diseases are distemper, canine parvovirus disease, viral hepatitis, cancer, mastitis, pyometra - it only affects non-sterilized females - and gastric torsion. Other frequent are allergies, cystitis, otitis and similar inflammations. In any case it is important to review the conditions of each policy, as there may be notable differences between contracts for the same price.

2- Damages at home. Fortunately, among the usual coverages of home insurance are the damages caused by your pet. There are also multi-risk insurance that extend these coverages.

3- Attack to a person. When a pet is received, it is also responsible for responding to accidents or damages to third parties that may result. And is that their behavior can become unpredictable. The same criterion applies as in the previous situation. However, it should be noted that the issue varies if you have an objectively dangerous dog. Depending on the autonomous community it is possible that you have to contract a specific insurance. In addition, those of civil responsibility are the most expensive mishaps. Fights between dogs and car accidents also enter here. Some policies even include legal assistance.

4- Car accidents. According to the data collected by 1 of every 4 drivers admits to having been distracted by their pet's driving. This can happen due to lack of precaution, because up to 32% leaves it loose inside the passenger compartment. All the more reason to transport it with the appropriate measures established in the General Regulations of Circulation.

5- Death. The death of the pet could not be absent from this list; a duel that also involves logistical issues such as the withdrawal of the body. A pet insurance will take care of its withdrawal, although benefits may vary depending on the autonomous community. In some there is even a compensation allowance. All the more reason to compare the different services that each one offers us.

6- Theft or loss. Some insurers help find your little one and take care of all the expenses derived. If it is stolen, it is likely that you will be compensated for its total or partial value. In any case and seen all these situations, the most important thing is that we take proper care of our pet, both in everything that has to do with their health and disease prevention, as in their education.


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