April 11, 2021

Six books of the week | Babelia

Six books of the week | Babelia

This week 'Babelia' analyzes works by Guillermo Martínez, Rosa Berbel, C. Sisson, Rodrigo Rey Rosa, Gregorio Luri and Gonzalo Hidalgo Bayal.

The crimes of Alicia

In his new police adventure in Oxford, winner of the Nadal, Guillermo Martínez tackles without moral prejudice the fondness of the author of Alicia to photograph girls. Critique of J. ERNESTO AYALA-DIP

Girls always tell the truth

Rosa Berbel's debut is surprising because of her amazing discursive maturity and her ability to de-automate clichés. Critique of LUIS BAGUÉ QUÍLEZ

Christopher Homm

C. H. Sisson portrays in the witty inverse story of 'Christopher Homm' a life without life, that of a man who struggles to maintain his comfortable space of pettiness. Critique of JOSÉ MARÍA GUELBENZU

The country of Toó

Rodrigo Rey Rosa conceives a wonderful gallery of characters for this story in which the Maya communities and the Ladino government coexist badly. Criticism of MARTA SANZ

The conservative imagination

Gregorio Luri reduces the difference between traditionalists and progressives because the former possess common sense and prudence that the latter lack. Criticism of JUAN LUIS CEBRIÁN

The escape

Gonzalo Hidalgo Bayal's novel is impregnated with literature, very much in keeping with the profile of the narrator and the history evoked. Criticism of ANA RODRÍGUEZ FISCHER


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