February 25, 2021

Six and a half years to beat and tie ten hours to your partner in Valladolid

Six and a half years to beat and tie ten hours to your partner in Valladolid

The Provincial Court of Valladolid has sentenced a man of 50 years, José Antonio RG, to penalties that add six and a half years of prison for beating his partner, keep her tied on the floor for about ten hours with his mouth covered by a handkerchief and take your car.

The magistrate president of the Chamber has advanced the ruling of the judgment this Monday, before the agreement reached between the public and private accusations and the defense, which has made the holding of the oral hearing unnecessary.

In particular, the court has sentenced the defendant to three years in prison for the crime of injury, for which he has also imposed eight years of separation and prohibition of communication with the victim.

For a crime of illegal detention in bankruptcy with a crime of theft, he has sentenced him to three and a half years in prison and eight years away, without being able to approach the victim to less than five hundred meters, in addition to the payment of an indemnity of 7,000 euros .

The events occurred as a result of the defendant initiating a relationship with a partner, with which he began to live on November 24, 2018 in Tudela de Duero (Valladolid), according to the facts admitted by the defendant and set by the Public Ministry in its conclusions.

It was around 4:00 pm on December 5 when the defendant grabbed his partner in the house by the neck, beat him with punches and kicks by the body, scratched and cut hairs of hair.

Later, she tied her feet and hands with strings and put a rag in her mouth to prevent her from screaming, as she had decided to take her car without her authorization.

So the victim remained on the ground, immobilized by the ties, for about ten hours, said the prosecutor.

At dawn, around 2:00 am on December 6, the defendant had to return to the house, because he had suffered an accident with the car.

At home, he untied his partner, who took advantage of the fact that the accused slept, to phone his mother and tell him what happened, about 4.00.

The public accusation, before the agreement reached between the parties, had demanded penalties that added twelve years of prison.


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