Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

SIT premieres 'Pogüerful', by Bibiana Monje, after a period of artistic residency - La Provincia

SIT premieres 'Pogüerful', by Bibiana Monje, after a period of artistic residency - La Provincia

The Insular Theater Hall (SIT) premieres this weekend Pogüerful, a dramatic and multidisciplinary comedy, with absurd and surrealist tints, whose main themes are human potential, the contemporary Western way of life and magic. This is how the Impulso production company defines this "research project" based "on the rite and the myth, with the intention of to create an own simbología that is directed towards the creation of new languages ​​of understanding ".

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After several weeks of artistic residence in the hall of the Cabildo, Pogüerful It will be shown Friday and Saturday at 8.30pm. The show, which is not recommended for children under 14, is written and interpreted by Bibiana Monje, who also directs it with Enrique Pardo (Pantheatre París).

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According to Monje, Pogüerful is in essence "theatrical metarreality, theater within the theater, with zero structure, that is, the time in which the work takes place corresponds to the moments of waiting before the beginning of said show". Pogüerful it is "a distorted mirror of the world in which we live, spun by the journey of a young woman who wants to start in the world of magic and who falls, without knowing it, into a sympathetic and devilish family of shamans", adds her author

From just 10 euros, tickets for this show are now on sale at the Cuyás Theater box office and on the website and shortly before the functions will also be at the box office of the SIT itself, on Primero de Mayo Avenue in the capital of Gran Canaria.


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