Siri incorporates a new non-binary gender voice

Manzana added to your digital assistant Sirias part of its 15.4 update to its mobile operating system iOSa new voice of non-binary genderwhich is not clearly identified as male or female and which users can choose.

Siri already had, in its English version, four different voices for users to choose from. TO the initial of womanwhich until last year was the default, three others were added, two of them performed by black actors.

Now, Apple's smart assistant has received a fifth voice in its version of English languageon this occasion of non-binary gender, which is not clearly associated with the male or female sex.

The American company, which has confirmed the new function to Axios, has assured that it has hired a person from the community LGBTQ+ for the development of the new voice of Siri. Siri's new feature serves the purpose of "give users more options to choose a voice that speaks for them".

Siri's non-binary gender voice has come to developers as part of the fourth beta mobile operating system iPhone, iOS 15.4which will be available to end users in March.

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