July 25, 2021

Singular Bank bets on technology with the implementation of the Credit File platform




The economic and social crisis derived from Covid-19 It has caused financial institutions to rethink their processes in order to optimize and streamline the management and processing of customer data, as well as accelerate digitization and promote more secure solutions that offer a better user experience.

In a context marked by economic and business setbacks, Singular Bank take the initiative and take a further step in your digitization to be at the forefront of your sector.
Singular Bank
is an entity focused on helping its clients define and achieve their life goals, guiding them in the conservation and investment of their finances and that takes into account the uniqueness and unique needs of each person or company.

Through a independent offer and a service based on mutual trust and transparency, it now makes a firm commitment to technology, relying on Credit File, one of the most advanced technological tools on the market.

This new platform developed by
, a global company of Data, Anayltics and Technology, allows financial entities to have the ability to obtain any type of data in real time that they require from individuals or companies, through their prior consent and in connection with more than 9,000 public organizations.

Credit File is very easy to use and guarantees the security of your processes when working with Ivnosys as a Qualified Service Provider and Certification Authority. Taking into account that the current scenario has made access to liquidity difficult for SMEs and the self-employed, who represent 95% of Spanish companies, and that there is an upward trend in business delinquency, this service will speed up the processes of granting of credits, as well as minimizing the risks associated with financing operations.

Also, Credit File streamlines and simplifies the numerous procedures and bureaucratic complications that usually arise when applying for financing or financial aid when it comes time to gather countless documents and present them physically by grouping them and maintaining the cohesion of all the associated information.

Additionally, this technological bet of Singular Bank allows you to strengthen your sustainability and energy efficiency strategy. As a bank committed to the environment, it reinforces its paperless philosophy, implementing this digital solution that will reduce paper consumption by practically 100%, fostering a corporate culture focused on reducing environmental impact.

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