April 14, 2021

Singing and dancing, Bolivian military encourage them to stay home

Singing and dancing to the rhythm of a musical group that goes through the streets on a truck turned into a stage, Bolivian soldiers raise awareness so that they stay home for the quarantine.

“Stay at home” to the sounds of the musical group Ozone, which members of the Army, the Navy and the Bolivian Armed Forces chant to insist on the message that one of the weapons against the coronavirus is not to go out.

“We are all soldiers and we must defeat her together,” Lt. Col. Danny Cuadros, chief of staff of the Seventh Division of the Bolivian Army based in Cochabamba, in central Bolivia, told reporters.

A large truck leaves this Bolivian city to travel more than a hundred kilometers with the music of the group from La Paz, transmitting that message in an animated way to people, who greet their passage from balconies and windows.

By the way, he encourages the comrades of the Navy in Carcaje, those of the Infantry in Tolata, the School of Sergeants in Tarata and the Military Polytechnic of Aeronautics in La Tamborada, in addition to the Bolivian Police, during their musical tour.

The arrival of the truck with the band, between vocalist, trumpeter, guitarist, drummer and other musicians, is received in one of these military units with choreographies of the uniformed people who accompany the songs, while receiving messages of encouragement to continue with their security work during quarantine.

In its path, a demonstration of fumigation to end the coronavirus is also carried out, while the military shows posters with recommendations to avoid contagion.

Some 47,000 soldiers, according to official data, participate with the Bolivian Police in quarantine control tasks, which in Bolivia is decreed until April 30, especially in cities such as Santa Cruz, the largest in the country, which was militarized before episodes of non-compliance with restrictions on leaving home.

Bolivia has declared a state of sanitary emergency, with 33 deaths and 564 confirmed cases of COVID-19.


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