Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

Singers who write urban poetry

Urban poetry turns to books in the new Rosa dels Vents collection. Contraveu brings together, in the first three volumes, books by Adrià Salas, Suu and Cesk Freixas. The singer of The Sticker publishes sauce; The Instagram singer-songwriter takes Fauna or love; and that of the singer-songwriter Cesk Freixas is titled The paraules delta. They are three fresh, transgressive proposals, in books full of illustrations and typographic games, which are far from the classic book of poetry.

Just as the poems of Suu and Cesk Freixas are part of the work they have done so far –the texts before reaching music–, the case of Adrià Salas is different: “All my life I have written things. Now, with the songs I make, I represent a whole group, instead in the writings of this book I can be myself

Cesk Freixas considers that the time has come to “bring poetry to the new generations”

Chambers, therefore, freed in this case from having to speak on behalf of The sticker, has been released and structured
in nine blocks, “that speak of love, fashions, beliefs, prejudices, there is also fun … I am blown away by puns. And he gives an illuminating detail: “I broke my kneecap and that has allowed me to work more.”

Suu has structured the book in two parts, as the title indicates,
Fauna or love
: “The first is the bad parts, toxic relationships, jar meals… In the second, I find myself, my friends, I try to love myself. It is very autobiographical“He confesses. Like the book of Rooms, also “there are some things in Castilian”.

Suu has structured the book in two parts: “The first is the bad parts and in the second I find myself”

Cesk Freixas considers that “it is time to bring poetry to the new generations, the youth of the 21st century.” On
The paraules delta
, Explain: “I use the image of the river to talk about learning life. There are three parts: the source, the meander and the delta ”. And he adds: “The book is born from two impacts: the death of my father and the birth of my daughter, plus the social and political context.”

Freixas details that in some poems there is metrics and rhymes: “First I look for the theme, I write the lyrics and I play music.” It is his usual working method, although in this case he has not had to go as far as the music, but he admits: “I have already mused some poems

“In my book I speak of love, fashions, beliefs, prejudices, there is also fun … I am blown away by puns,” says Adrà Salas.

The editor Carlos Martinez He is excited about the project Contraveu, “Because it reinforces Rosa dels Vents’ commitment to writers in the Catalan language”, and she intends “to innovate with new paths, new voices and new readers”. The publisher Rosa Moya affirms that they are “Catalan, demanding and reflective voices”, and announces to the following two authors: Marc Parrot and Clara Peya.

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